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IFS PACsecure

IFS PACsecure is a GFSI-recognized Standard for the assessment
of packaging material suppliers and converters. It is a result of
the cooperation between IFS and PAC–Packaging Consortium and
refers to the well-established PACsecure Standard, which was
developed with the support of leading food and packaging
material companies in North America.

What Is IFS PACsecure?

  • IFS PACsecure is a risk-based Standard to assess packaging material manufacturers.
  • It is a product and process certification that offers a number of benefits to companies striving for excellence in quality and safety, and seeking a competitive advantage in their marketplace.
  • The Standard has a strong focus on checking the compliance with customer requirements.
  • Question answered by IFC PACsecure audit: Is a supplier capable of delivering safe products according to the agreed product specification?

What differentiates IFS PACsecure from other packaging material standards?

  • The requirements of IFS PACsecure are more flexible than other standards
  • IFS PACsecure certification is granted based on the degree of fulfillment.
  • The Standard also considers compliance to customer requirements.
  • Additionally, the checklist of IFS PACsecure contains example questions to be addressed to the company during the audit, as well as examples for Major and KO situations.
  • The IFS evaluation system shows to what extent the requirements are met, giving a clearer view on the status quo of the audited company.

PEI Bag Quality System Overview

For nearly a century, the PEI Bag Company has established and maintained an enviable reputation for producing high quality packaging materials while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

The marketplace is demanding increased standards and performance for food safety and quality as reflected through third party certification to a more difficult food safety standard. To meet customer and marketplace expectations, the PEI Bag Company has strategically decided to demonstrate its commitment to quality by certifying its quality system to the standard of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). For a packaging company, this level of globally recognized quality is achieved through the design and implementation of a Quality System that meets the stringent standards of the IFS PACsecure Packaging Standard which falls under the umbrella of the GFSI.

PEI Bag Quality Management System Overview
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