Paper Potato Bags


10-lb paper potato bags have been the standard package for over half a century. The advantages of 10-lb paper bags are the ability to absorb moisture and to provide a dark environment to ensure potatoes have a longer shelf life by eliminating rot and greening.

Smaller package sizes of 2lb, 3lb, and 5lb are becoming more popular for consumers.

For non-standard sizes and design, please contact our sales department.

Various grades of exterior paper are available to highlight our printing capabilities and your design. Standard brown, standard bleached or white paper, glazed paper, clay-coated paper.
Printing Capabilities:
Up to 8-colour printing available.
All our paper is sourced from North American suppliers, providing wet strength (increased ability to withstand water with the use of an additive or resin finish).  Our raw materials (glue, ink, paper) are 100% food grade and compostable.  Ability to provide compostable mesh window therefore, a 100% compostable bag.  Introduction of glazed or clay-coated paper allows enhanced printing capabilities.

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