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PEI Bag Co. manufactures many different types of packaging and bags for produce, other food products and more.

We service agriculture, aquaculture, and dry goods customers supplying them with potato bags, produce bags, and dry goods bags, specifically leno mesh, multi-wall paper, FIBC, poly, flour and sugar bags.

pei bag co. - paper potato bags

Paper Potato Bags

pei bag co. - nelo mesh bags

Leno Mesh Bags

pei bag co. - multi-walled paper bags

Multi-Walled Paper Bags

pei bag co. - fibc


pei bag co. - poly bags

Poly Bags

pei bag co. - sugar and flour bags

Sugar & Flour Bags

pei bag co. - woven poly bags

Woven Poly Bags

pei bag co. - retail paper bags

Retail Paper Bags

pei bag co. - promotional bags

Promotional Bags

pei bag co. - burlap bags

Burlap Bags

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