Retail Paper Bags

We offer a wide range of checkout bags made from premium quality wet strength paper. Whatever may be the application, we have a bag for you!

100% Compostable Available

Wine Bags

Made in-house.

  • Size: 5.50 x 3 x 15.50 (W x G x H)
  • Paper options: Kraft virgin or Kraft recycled or White Bleached paper
  • Printing: Up to 8 colours
  • Application: Liquor, Cider
  • Packaging: 750 bags / box
  • Skid: 14,400 bags
  • MOQ: 28,800 for printed bags

Premium Checkout Bags

We carry unprinted stock bags year-round.
Products and sizes can be customized.
Full-colour options available.
* Minimum order quantities mentioned are considering printed bags.

  • Size: 12.50 x 6 x 18.50 (W x G x H)
  • Paper options: Kraft virgin or Kraft recycled
  • Printing: Up-to 8 colours
  • Application: Restaurants, Grocery
  • Packaging: Bundles of 100 bags
  • Skid: 10,000 bags
  • MOQ: 10,000 for printed bags

Paper Bags with Twisted Handles

We offer a wide range of paper bags with twisted handles made in Canada or imported from plants that are quality audited and qualified to match PEI Bag Co. standards.

*Customized solutions available.

We’d love to discuss your retail paper bag needs.